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The Art of Minimalism | IM22128

A well-executed minimalist exterior design that is better described as an art piece.

IMPERIUM GROUP/ Architecture

Scope of Work



630.41 sqm


1 Majlis
1 Dining
2 Family Living
6 Bedrooms
8 Bathrooms

Our minimalist villa design embodies the core principles of minimalism, creating an artistic and sculpture-like structure that is both elegant and practical.


Explore the beauty of minimalism with our breathtaking project!


Furniture Plan

Mr.Abdulaziz Al Amoodi -GROUND FLOOR-.jpg

The plan's design allows the outmost interaction with the outdoor. With an open plan we capture the essence of the minimalist style by lifting boundaries between main spaces and minimizing separations.

A minimalist exterior is characterized by clean lines and simple shapes, the use of high-quality materials, and serving its purpose. Creating a perfect representation of the most important rule of minimalism "less is more".


Minimalist architecture is a popular choice for those who value clean lines, simplicity, and functionality. This style of architecture uses a minimalistic approach to design, focusing on the essential elements of the building.

22128-Exterior Mood Board-SUB01-21.png

By creating a moodboard and collecting our client's reference images, we prioritize their preferences and make sure not to miss any aspect of their vision and desires.

Architectural Design

Lines and Forms

Minimalist architecture emphasizes clean and straight lines. The aesthetic creates a sense of simplicity and order, which is essential to the minimalist style. We used geometric forms with sharp angles and clean edges. By only counting on simple shapes such as rectangles and squares, we create a sense of harmony and balance in the design.



An essential aspect of minimalist villa architecture, used to highlight the clean lines and forms of the building, creating a dramatic effect. The lighting design should be minimalistic, with simple, clean lines and a focus on functionality, placed strategically to highlight the building's architectural features and create a sense of depth and dimension.



Used to soften the building's harsh lines and create a connection between the building and its surroundings. The vegetation used in minimalist villa architecture is often simple and low maintenance, such as succulents, grasses, and small trees. The goal is to create a sense of harmony between the building and its environment.



The landscape and pool area are designed to be simple and functional. The pool is rectangular shaped, with clean lines and edges. The pool area is surrounded by simple, low-maintenance vegetation. The landscape is designed to be functional, with a focus on creating a sense of harmony between the structure and its surroundings.


In conclusion, a well-executed minimalist villa design represents every aspect of minimalism principles. It prioritizes simplicity, functionality, and clean lines, creating a cohesive and harmonious environment that is both beautiful and practical. The result is an elegant structure that provides a sense of calm and serenity.

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