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Joinery Work

The skillful art that can be practicle & add aesthetic value to your home!

IMPERIUM GROUP/ Fitout Department

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Joinery work is the skillful art of connecting multiple portions of timber. through various techniques, mostly involving cutting precise notches in the wood to make them fit together, followed by pressurized and heated moulding, then finishing. It's a precise function that can be practical & add aesthetic to your home.

Our joinery work provides a unique & tailor-made space for your interior design. Especially for projects that need more wood like the kitchen or living room.

Gives a clean look

Our joinery work will provide your interior design with a simple & elegant look. Joineries are also useful for two-material transition, looking neat and sharp, in line with most design styles! Try to include this joinery technique when visually separating areas within an open space: it's the perfect subtle detail to highlight your home.

Attention to details

Lack of attention to detail is always easy to spot, yet our designers are trained to keep on top of all details, resulting in satisfying finishes. Most projects our clients require are luxurious- so what better way to achieve this standard if not by including very clean and fine joinery finishing in your home?

Joinery on site | Abu Dhabi fitout

Watch our fitout manager Hamza dive deep into the joinery work we executed in one of our sites in Abu Dhabi

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