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Luxury Bohemian Family Living _ IMPERIUM GROUP

Bohemian Interior Design in the UAE

In the UAE we're experiencing a rising of trendy interiors that invites the desert feel into homes

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By combining local culture, values, and a disinclination to adhere to social standards, Bohemian interiors deliberately avoid conventional beauty ideals in a search for more freeing beauty standards.


Overall, a lack of organization and freewheeling layers of pattern, texture, and color characterize bohemian interiors. We can find Modern and minimalist elements, yet these live in the space without following the precision they are known for.

Bohemian interiors in the UAE

Personality and ease are at the heart of the bohemian aesthetic. A central characteristic is to make you feel at home in your own space by only delighting yourself.

About the style

Bohemian style is easygoing & rule-free, so have fun with it!

When it comes to hues, they range from neutrals like white and beige to a variety of vivid jewel tones.


In terms of geometry, the bohemian look is more about layering, rather than shapes.
For fixture finishes, metallics like gold, silver, brass, and chrome are common choices. Iron is also a popular choice.
You can make the overall appearance as intricate or as simple as you like. There is no such thing as "too much" in this aesthetic

Luxury Bohemian Family Living _ IMPERIUM GROUP
Luxury Bohemian Family Living _ IMPERIUM GROUP

Bohemian furniture

This design language encourages the use of different forms for your furniture, which may include pillows, floor cushions, and chaise lounges, besides normal sofas.

It's more important to create an atmosphere you appreciate with this technique than it is to draw clear lines.


Bohemian colors

There are no set main colors or accent colors in boho since there are no rules. You can choose between a simple appearance, a striking style, or whatever in between.
Choose a more neutral basis, like white or tan, then layer in the more vibrant colors in your furnishings and décor if you want to maintain a cleaner appearance.


Choose a more neutral basis, like white or tan, then layer in the more vibrant colors in your furnishings and décor if you want to maintain a cleaner appearance.
The secret is to Choose a bright color for your walls, then add Mesh texture and layers like ratan, linen, and natural wood.

A neutral room seems utterly effortless when it functions properly!


Balancing all layers is trickier than expected, the key is to add layers of texture and a variety of neutral colors to generate interest that is both tactile and visual.

The greatest neutral color schemes involve combining a range of relaxing hues. But it's crucial to choose a palette first that is composed of either warm or cold tones. Pick one and stick with it.


Warm undertoned colors feature a tinge of green or yellow, whereas cool undertoned colors have pink, violet, or blue pigments.

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Cool colors balance the intensity of the light, making them ideal for rooms with a south-facing orientation.
When adding texture to a neutral area, it is necessary to be daring. The main component that will make your neutral color palette come to life is texture.
Contrasting texture layers give warmth, depth, and character while assisting in tying the whole design together.
A genuinely unique style can be achieved by combining trendy materials like









Pick thick rugs and throws, and use contrasting materials like wool and seagrass to provide more textural appeal.

Neutrals can be varied, beige is not your only option!

Beige doesn't have to be boring when there are so many contemporary neutrals to choose from. Nutral colors don't only include beige, cream, and white anymore, nowadays, a wide variety of colors in soft tones drawn from nature can all refer as "neutral."
It's crucial to employ several types of neutrals in your home design to create depth and contrast.


Using neutrals that range in brightness from very light to very dark, yet fall within the same range of "cool" or "warm" tones, along with the more obvious off-whites, creams, and greys, pale neutrals can also contain blush pink, muted lilac, or watery aqua.


Simple is the best option!

Bohemian most crucial design tenets are simplicity and minimalism. Less is always more. It's frequently said that your home's condition reflects your mental state. The less you have, the simpler it is to arrange things attractively and make the most of your resources.

Luxury Bohemian Villa Moodboard | IMPERIUM GROUP.jpg


Reduce your possessions and declutter. Consider each item carefully, and only keep what is truly necessary. Get rid of everything that clutters up your area and is superfluous. In addition to keeping your home clutter-free, doing this will make you feel less stressed and anxious and promote serenity within your home.

Bohemian interior design might be exactly what we need to de-stress while finding our balance, it represents an escape from potentially stressful situations or environments where we try to achieve the impossible, find perfection where there is none, and follow the impossible timelines in a frantic pace.

You can also find other essential components of biophilic design in our home interior decor services, along with the calm and minimal environment it creates with decor that embraces naturalistic style and overlooks minor flaws, creating a warm and inviting space that is never stressful or exhausting

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