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Aurea Cafe Dubai

Enjoy a refreshing drink or a warm cup in a highly inspiring space in which architecture through natural elements brings unity to the cafe.

IMPERIUM GROUP/ Interior Design, and Fitout

Scope of Work

Interior Design

& Fitout


80 sqm


 Bar, Restaurant, Seating, Back Kitchen

Designing a bar requires thoughtful design choices to create a space for people to gather and chill. We combined dark ruby red and turquoise as the accent color of the palette to refresh the bar while bringing movement and luxury to the space, while the detailed wooden ceiling gives it its unique character


When entering the Cafe the first view is on the masterpiece of the bar: the fine joinery which forms the ceiling. 


We added large openings to fill the space with light- creating intriguing shadows in the ceiling while highlighting the true essence of materials, textures, and colors. The metallic lighting elements create the perfect ambient touch without taking attention from the beauty of the architectural elements.


We used a color palette that resembles nature in its basic theory- Darker colors on the bottom while light colors on top: just like in nature. Here we used the Black Marquina marble flooring on the lowest level, colored velvet furniture midway, and light wood for the ceiling. 


We alternated 2 & 4 seating arrangements to accommodate intimate and group outings. For extra coziness, we included benches and armchairs, while the opposite sides feature a built-in bench, occupying the full length of the wall- up until the kitchen entrance.


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