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Interior Design

An open-plan living area is often a multifunctional space that is home to entertaining, relaxing and dining.

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An open floor plan is the architectural design of a living space that prioritizes open spaces with fewer separations between major rooms to encourage bonding and communication. 

A standard open floor plan design includes enclosed private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms and one great room that combines the roles of traditional common areas like the kitchen, living room, and dining room.

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Detail of an open plan

Interior Design Tips for Open Plan

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Use Furnishings and Lighting to Define Areas

Carve out separate functional spaces using furniture. Lighting also helps to define different
parts of a room.


Maintain Design Continuity

Maintaining an aesthetic flow throughout an open-concept space is essential. Fundamental
design features such as flooring and recessed lighting should be consistent. Color palettes in
different spaces should complement one another.


Create a Feature in Each Area

a standout design feature in each area will not only help to define each space but also make a
room shine and give each functional space a complementary personality.


Keeping some Space Open and Empty

It’s important not to clutter the sightlines in the open space. For this reason, most openconcept spaces are on the side of minimalism. too much clutter in the room can overwhelm the eye.


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