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Open Plan in Architecture

Designing spaces with minimal barriers between areas creating open, fluid spaces.

IMPERIUM GROUP/ Architecture Department

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Transforming a series of small rooms or offices into a more fluid type of living and working.
The open floor plan has become the most used space planning method for residential and office

matrooshi plan.png

Detail of an open plan

Advantages of Open Plan


Better traffic flow

Without doors to open and close and no walls to hinder traffic, people can move through space unhindered.


Improved sociability and communication

Without walls, it's possible to talk to one another across rooms.


Shared light

Interior spaces that were once without windows now get natural light from windows in exterior walls.


Wider visual range

it allows people to extend their eyesight.


Layout flexibility

Without partition walls, it is easy to reconfigure furnishings and accessories to different room layouts.


Spaces can be multifunctional

With open floor plans, space can serve in different functions depending on your needs of the moment.


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