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How to Develop a Landscape Masterplan

Created considering the environmental conditions and it helps with the organization of natural and man-made features in an environmentally sustainable design.

IMPERIUM GROUP/ Landscape Department

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The Masterplan presents the overview & vision for the whole site/area design, which, by establishing functional relationships between all of the parts of the site/area.

Then guides the detail design and interaction of the elements which make up the whole. Masterplans provide an early statement of design intention. They help to communicate the benefits of the proposal to clients.


1. Kick-off Meeting "KOM"

Asking the client about their requirements and get an idea about their preferability. it's very important to write a minute of the meeting "MOM" to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 14.09.01.png

2. Studying the Site:

to figure out the best location for each activity. The study begins with a site inventory and analysis of soil, climate conditions and existing vegetation, which is critical, it affects plant selection and placement, beside locating the family activities it also affects the form and the design style.


3. Preparing Ideas:

We design the proposed layout, color the plans trying to be as realistic as possible & we associate each element on the plan with a moodboard to show the idea behind the project

Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 15.53.25.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 15.53.43.png

4. Client Meeting:

Getting the client's feedback for any modification or approval. The client chooses the materials from a material sample board to use in the design.Our team can execute custom-made furniture for the client's preferabilities.


5. 3D Renders for Each Area:

Giving the client a visual showcase of the final result.


6. Preparing for Execution: 

2D drawings for the execution process.


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