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Double Height
in Architecture

Creating a sense of grandeur and openness enriching the room with plenty of natural light

IMPERIUM GROUP/ Architecture Department

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It emphasizes a space that we have designed to be important or central to the design by making that space feel larger or more impressive. These spaces also create an opportunity to bring natural deeper light into your home.

Detail of a Double height on plan

By adding windows up high or skylights above and even keep indoor plants healthy since light is penetrated into your space.

7 (2).jpg
14 (1).jpg

Makes the space appear bigger

can make an ordinary room appear more spacious . Combined with large windows, light will flood the room, which make for lovely bright interiors.

Adds a sense of unity

In addition to the originality of the construction process. the double - height dilutes the limits between the rooms and unifies the lower and upper floors.


Brings more decorative space

 Encourages creative interior design options to be discussed, which will make your home unique. such as experimenting with more elegant lighting options that serve as a point of focus.

Design consideration from Design Manager George

Double Volumes | Imperium Group

Double heights are one the highest forms of luxury we can incorporate into a home. They allow light to enter while giving us the illusion of more space and ultimately elevating the quality of your home. Design Manager George will dive deeper into the topic-explaining the benefits of double volumes!

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