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About Imperium Group

Get to know IMPERIUM GROUP, It's multinational team, it's Design Philosophy and it's Design Process

IMPERIUM is a full-service Design company providing luxury Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Design.

Our team of esteemed international interior designers and architects has earned a reputation for transforming mundane spaces into style powerhouses. Based on years of local and international experience, we have developed a process to provide our clients with a seamless experience when designing their homes and villas.

IMPERIUM clients are everything to us, and their satisfaction is of utmost importance. We strive to fulfill our client’s demands by presenting high-quality work, using superior materials, submitting in the agreed time, and staying within the defined budget.

Our work is a reflection of our customers’ lifestyle. The keywords associated with our projects are Luxury, exquisite, stunning, elegant, and brilliant.


Therefore, you can expect no less, and our team will not settle for less until we have met your expectations, be it a full-package villa interior design or just a part of it.

We believe that every client has unique requirements, consequently,  Imperium Group is comprised of a team who can understand your ideas and add up with the most creative designs to make your dreams become a reality.


From conceptualization to construction, we work on each project efficiently to serve high-quality results.


You’re always welcome to discuss the ideas and grab the best over a cup of your favorite beverage and get to know why we are known as the best interior design company in UAE.

Our Team

Our Team

IMPERIUM GROUP is one of the few companies that can claim to have a talented multinational team. All our architects and designers have a unique story, are highly skilled, and detail-oriented, which allows them to always bring to the table excellent leads and creative ideas for all our projects.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Architecture and Interior Design is all about creating spaces in which people can feel comfortable, relaxed, inspired, and where families can enjoy time together and alone, discover their passions and share each other’s secrets and where they can be truly themselves.

At IMPERIUM GROUP, we deliver unique solutions based on our client’s requests, dreams, and desires. We excel in giving a fresh and considered touch blending contemporary trends and local traditions.

We treat every project individually. We actively involve our clients in every step of the design process, we listen and work with them, by creatively interpreting their requests and molding them into reality.


When designing, we always consider our client’s site location, budget, and local and traditional influences.


Architecture and Interior Design are never static, they are constantly evolving and adapting to the present time. So, when designing your home, we consider how style evolves, how technology advances, and how temporary trends influence the built environment.

At IMPERIUM GROUP we also know that style is strictly personal and can be influenced by many factors, like location, culture, religion and climate, so we actively implement all these in the design process.


Our Services

IMPERIUM GROUP offers a full range of Design services, from programming through the construction, administration phase for new constructions, renovations and additions. 

Our services include Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, and Fit Outs.We developed over 100 project in three continents and pride ourselves of always offering creating solutions for all our clients.

Design Services

Why choose us

Why Choose us

Believing each client is unique, IMPERIUM GROUP brought together talented architects and designers that can translate clients’ ideas, into functional and aesthetically beautiful projects.

Our team is comprised of young architects and designers who always contribute with fresh, out-of-the-box solutions. We are exposed to the industry’s new design methods and materials which allows us to actively bring innovation into each project.

We believe in creating long-term relationships with our clients, valuing their requests and their stories.

Our architects and designers will impress you in every step of the process, being outstandingly creative and striving to bring the highest quality results to each of our clients.


We would love to hear from you

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