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Bushara Global Trading /IM2293

A Modern office with a touch of luxury and biophilia



Scope of Work

Interior Design

& Fitout


295 sqm


Reception & Lobby

1 Chairman Office

2 Private Offices

1 Manager Office

1 Conference Roo

1 Open Workstation

1 Pantry

1 Lounge

Current Stage

2D Drawing

This 295 sqm office has a welcoming energy thanks to the modern elements, emphasized through touches of luxury, and enriched with soothing plants. The plan presents itself clearly and openly, thanks to glass partitions that separate the central lobby from the workspaces and offices.

To highlight this sense of inclusion, we added light-wood wall coverings above the central seating, which subtly serves as a frame for the core of the room, inspiring cooperation within the workspace.


Interior Design

Concept Moodboard & Furniture Plan

The overall look & feel of the space is modern and flourished with a simple color palette that is energized through pops of color and metallic finishes. The plan is optimized to the core to ensure a comfortable work area for all employees.

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 11.49.33 AM.png
busharana global-Modeld.png

Reception Lobby

The reception is dominated by a welcoming feel, expressed through travertine, light wood, soft fabrics, and mustard yellow armchairs. All elements balance the feelings of calmness and comfort while inspiring Creativity and Diversity through the accent color. 


Open Workstation

In the open workspace, we broke the calming feel by introducing contrast. Black finishes, white tables, and the color green from plants create an interesting sense of alternation which keeps the energy flowing in the room


Conference Room

Initially, we furnished the conference room which turquoise chairs, which would fit the color pallet, while they wouldn't be the best option as they tend to take away too much attention from the presenter, as our focus would have been leed there. The final result matches the surrounding areas while being sleek and elegant.


Chairman Office

The chairman's office is comprised of three areas: desk space, sitting in the center, and a meeting table by the pantry at the end. It's the area in which the luxury feel is most expressed: through metallic finishes, masonry, porcelain book-match wall paneling, and carefully selected lux furniture.



The lounge has more of a contemporary vibe to it. It's both relaxing and elegant, thanks to cozy lounge armchairs and a vibrant pantry area in which we used the trendy rose-gold metallic finish as a backdrop for the buffet unit. 


Manager Office

The office space is located in front of a double-height window, allowing lots of light to enter and bringing to life the warm colors and matte finishes, expressing luxury in many details!


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