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modern villa in pearl jumeirah dubai

Get an overview of this Modern villa in Pearl Jumeirah Dubai

25°14'28.5"N 55°15'33.0"E

Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape







This modern villa is soon to be completed and located in the Emirate of Dubai, specifically in the Pearl Jumeirah Island. The 1200 sqm villa is developed onto three floors. The exterior is made mostly of four materials: beige travertine, silver travertine, aluminum louvers with a wooden effect, and GRC.

The ladder is embedded with LED lights in conjunction with each panel.

The villa's interior design style is for the most luxury modern with contemporary details. Light color tones are alternated with pops of color, mostly in textured walls and furniture fabrics.

Modern Villa in Pearl Jumeirah Island Site Visit video

In this video, Eng. Karim explains the complete design process of this modern villa in Pearl Jumeirah, Dubai, starting from the 3D Designs, the chosen materials, and how our Imperium team designed the interior.

Construction in progress

3D Design

site clips

Presenting the modern villa exterior during construction. Note the comparison with the 3D Renders

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