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Architecture Design Walkthrough

A way to experience your villa virtually before entering the design stage

IMPERIUM GROUP/ Architecture department

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Architecture Simulations are Marketing tools employed by architectural & real estate firms to allow clients to "enter" their project virtually before committing to more technical stages. The imaginative concepts & ideas of the designer & the client's preferences are transformed into architectural walkthroughs.

Walkthroughs give the client a good idea regarding heights, dimentions and spaces withing a room. For example a room may feel very large - consequentely we may think large furniture would fit in it. With this tool we get a true feeling of how rooms, the flow within them so we have a realistic sense of space.


The simulation is used to present the massing of the villa, including different times of the day, allowing the clients to see the architectural beauty throughout different areas of the day

About the Simulation

the simulation helps the customers get an insight into the upcoming structures in detail- for instance, the materials used, the exterior & interior lighting and the fixtures used can be easily previewed.

With the walkthrough, Various designs and suggestions can be incorporated, before entering more technical aspects of the project, including construction.

Final thoughts

All these factors help reduce the construction time, effort, and resources of your project. Without architectural walkthroughs, clients may find themselves unable to foresee their project till the structure is ready & any change would be difficult to make. 

Live simulation

Live simulations are one of our best tools to showcase architecture buildings, inside and out, before entering into details. Imperium groups founder, Karim Karam, will describe all the values this service has to offer.

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