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Sophisticated Minimalist
Villa | IM23106

A well-executed minimalist exterior design that is better described as an art piece.

IMPERIUM GROUP/ Architecture

Scope of Work



997.30 sqm


1 Majlis
1 Formal Dining
3 Living Areas
1 Dining Area
8 Bedrooms
10 Bathrooms


Al Markhaniyyah,

Al Ain City

The modern exterior design of this villa embraces a minimalistic approach, focusing on clean lines and simplicity. 


Explore the beauty of modern minimalism with our captivating project!


Furniture Plan


The plan's design allows the utmost interaction with the outdoors. With an open plan, we capture the essence of the minimalist style by lifting boundaries between main social spaces and minimizing separations while keeping the layout clean and simple for human movement.


Modern-minimalist architecture is a popular choice for those who value clean lines, simplicity, and functionality. This style of architecture uses a minimalistic approach to design, focusing on the essential elements of the building and weight on design principles like repetition to add visual interest to the designs.

23106-Exterior moad-board-SUB01-2.png

By creating a moodboard and collecting our client's reference images, we prioritize their preferences and make sure not to miss any aspect of their vision and desires.

Architectural Design

Lines and Forms

Vertical lines play a key role in defining the aesthetic appeal of this structure, balancing out the horizontal spread of its structure. The modern exterior design of this villa embraces a minimalistic approach, focusing on clean lines and simplicity.



The carefully positioned lights create a dramatic visual effect at night, illuminating the structure in a way that enhances its modern and sophisticated character. The interplay between light and shadow adds an element of intrigue and creates a captivating ambiance.



The modern exterior design of the villa incorporates strong defined angles, giving it a bold and contemporary look. From the sharp edges of the roofline to the geometrically shaped windows and doors, every aspect of the villa's façade is meticulously designed to create a sense of architectural prowess. These strong angles not only add visual interest but also contribute to the overall modern aesthetic, making a bold statement about the villa's unique character.



In addition to its striking architectural features, the villa seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape. The design takes into consideration the natural elements, blending the structure with its environment. The use of materials such as stone, wood, and glass creates a harmonious connection between the villa and its surroundings. 


The modern exterior design of this villa showcases the beauty of minimalism, with its clean lines, captivating forms, and strategic lighting. The strong defined angles add a touch of boldness and contemporary flair, while the integration with the landscape creates a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

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