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A Cozy Villa
| IM23098

A design which reflects communication and comfort, to create a cozy and home like interior space. 

IMPERIUM GROUP/ Interior Design

Scope of Work

Interior Design


765.5 sqm


2 Living Areas
1 Dining Area
1 Office
6 Bedrooms
8 Bathrooms 

The space emits a sense of softness and comfort enhanced by the natural materials used within the interior. The natural light, which makes its way inside, hitting the warm earthy color palette, all adding to the serene and calming experience of this design.


Explore the beauty of open-plan interior design with a cozy twist in this project!

Interior Design

Furniture Plan

11 layout colored.png

The space is designed with an open plan layout, allowing for easy movement between different areas of the room. This allows for a more relaxed and social atmosphere, encouraging conversation and interaction between guests.

Our modern and warm interior design encourages feelings of comfort and warmth. The combination of natural materials and warm colors create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for gathering with friends or relaxing after a long day.

Living Area

We created an open space with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, by using warm earthy colors and textures and natural materials like wood and stone which helps to create a cozy and grounding vibe. Plush sofas and armchairs with soft textiles in warm hues are perfect for sinking into and relaxing.


Dining Area

The dining area is a space where people come to share meals and conversations. and in this project the open kitchen and dining area are part of the family living hall, which amplify using the same elements of the design used in the full space, from earthy colors and natural material to cozy plush furniture pieces.


By incorporating design elements such as warm colors and textures, natural elements, double volume and open plan, we can create a warm and inviting open airy space, that is a perfect environment for modern families.

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