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IMPERIUM GROUP shares their passion and knoledge about architecture/ interior design and construction


The seven steps of a Professional Design Process

The importance of Wind, Mass and Temperature study in Architecture

All about the Pearl Jumeirah Project

In this video our architect Aseel will guide you through the Architectural Design process, from the first meeting with us to the final design of your villa.

Eng. Gehad explains the importance of Mass, Temperature, and wind studies in Architecture & why these are analyzed and submitted to the client before starting any Exterior Design.

In this video, Eng. Karim explains the full design process of this Modern Villa in Pearl Jumeirah, Dubai, starting from the 3D Designs, moving to the chosen materials, and how we designed the interiors.

Interior Design

How to define your Interior Design Budget

Projects Manager Ena shares useful tips to consider while defining your interior budget. She will help with prioritizing rooms, selecting styles and materials, and how to stay organized with expenses.

Marble Alternatives

Senior interior designer Nourhan introduces us to different marble alternatives and why we opt for them while designing your interiors.⁣⁣⁣

Textures in Interior Design

Our interior designer Annalisa will describe how you can add dimension to your interior design through textures and how to ensure consistency and harmony between furniture and decor.

Sites in Progress

Modern Minimalistic Villa under Construction in Sharjah

Watch how we execute the exterior & interior design of a modern-minimalistic villa from its 3D Design.

Modern Villa Fit-Out in Progress

In this video, Eng Gehad is explaining how Imperium Group successfully completed the fit-out of this modern villa in Dubai.

Neoclassic Villa under Construction

Watch how we execute the exterior & interior design of a neoclassic villa from its 3D Design.

Featured Clips

To create an aesthetically beautiful Kitchen pass-through, our designers created a glass wall that can be opened and closed, just like a window. In addition it can also be lit up from inside- creating the right amount of contrast to bring the room to life.

Check out the completed interior design fitout

Water features are a must for a serene landscape design

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