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Artistic Contemporary Villa | IM23094

Step into a world of artistic elegance and comfort with this contemporary design villa. 

IMPERIUM GROUP/ Interior Design

Scope of Work

Interior Design


804.6 sqm


2 Living Rooms

1 Dining

1 Office

1 Gym

6 Bedrooms

9 Bathrooms

When it comes to designing a home, the possibilities are endless. Our latest project is a stunning living space that features three distinct areas: an entrance hall with a water feature, a living area with an artistic wall art, and a dining & kitchen area that features a large wooden separator.


Discover the design elements of a stunning space!


Furniture Plan


Open space architectural designs are considered great for having the versatile solutions and being able to separate its spaces in unique and artistic ways, this layout is a perfect embodiment of this idea, where spaces are partly separated to make it balanced between private and open.

Interior Design

This contemporary villa design, with a unique artistic touch combines clean lines and modern elements with bold and striking art pieces. Lighting plays a crucial role in highlighting the artwork and creating an interesting visual effect. The end result is a sophisticated and refined interior that seamlessly blends art and design.

Entrance Hall

Features a breathtaking water feature in the form of a waterfall that cascades over a beautiful sculpture. This elegant feature creates a calming and soothing atmosphere and sets the mood for the rest of the space.


Living Area

Features an art wall that is both striking and functional. The wall is illuminated to showcase the artwork placed infront of it, creating a dramatic effect that adds to the overall ambiance of the room. The lighting is carefully positioned to highlight the artwork and create a warm and inviting atmosphere along with the rest of the design elements.


Dining Area & Kitchen

Featuring a unique separator made of wood that can be turned to create a separate space from the living area. This separator is not only functional, but also adds a touch of elegance to the room. The natural wood finish creates a warm and cozy feel along with the well-textured design elements that enriches the space, making it perfect for intimate dinners with family and friends.


Overall, this project is a great example of how a well-designed living space can be both functional and beautiful. It's clear that a lot of thought and care went into the design of this space, and the result is truly stunning.

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