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Curves of Elegance Villa
| IM23004

A breathtaking villa that perfectly captures the essence of modernism and warmth!


Scope of Work

Full package


1048.28 sqm


1 Majlis
3 Dining Area
3 Living Area
1 Office
11 Bedrooms
14 Bathrooms

A sanctuary inspired by the beauty of its nature, where every element harmoniously whispers tranquility. The design of this villa is a pure testament to the beauty of simplicity, with a color palette that soothes the eyes and a celebration of natural materials.

Experience true elegance brought by incorporating natural elements, neutral colors and subtle curves!


Furniture Plan

colored plan.png

This H Shaped layout allows the main living area to have two views to the landscape and brings more interactions between the indoor and outdoor.


A minimalist villa design of one color and one material, counting on the curved lines and curved elements to influence the way we perceive this structure, making it more visually appealing and dynamic while keeping it simple and minimal. Letting the structure's lines and forms be the main focus of the design.

Interior Design

Entrance Area

This space, thoughtfully designed, exudes an aura of welcome, offering a glimpse into the beauty that lies within the rest of the villa. The entrance sets the tone for the entire home, signaling the transition from the outside world into a realm of tranquility and comfort.

Asset 1.png
Asset 9.png

Family Living Hall

The heart of communal gathering, is a testament to the villa's minimal and warm aesthetic.  Soft hues adorn the walls, merging effortlessly with comfortable furnishings, enveloping residents and guests in an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy.

Asset 6.png
Asset 8.png
Asset 7.png


The majlis, a cherished space for social gatherings and contemplation, exudes an aura of understated luxury. Its design embraces curved lines, symbolizing a harmonious connection between individuals. With plush cushions and soft textiles, the majlis offers a comfortable haven for engaging conversations and peaceful reflection.

Asset 3.png
Asset 2.png

Dining Room

Elegance takes center stage. The clean lines and refined forms create an atmosphere of grandeur, where the act of dining becomes an elevated experience. The simple color palette amplifies the sophistication of the space, allowing guests to immerse themselves in an environment that is both enjoyable and inviting.

Asset 5.png
Asset 4.png

Guest Bedroom

The minimalist aesthetic is carried through, with a touch of warmth to ensure visitors feel at ease. Neutral colors adorn the room, embracing guests with a sense of grounding and serenity. Every detail, from the soft bedding to the carefully selected materials, is thoughtfully curated to provide a haven of restful respite.

Asset 10.png
Asset 11.png
Asset 12.png


A space for focused productivity and creative exploration embodies a balance between simplicity and functionality. Clean lines and uncluttered surfaces allow for clear thinking, while the use of natural materials fosters a sense of calm.

Asset 13.png
Asset 14.png

In this villa, the interior spaces weave together a tapestry of minimalism, warmth, and natural beauty. Each area, holds its own significance, nurturing a sense of belonging and offering an invitation to contemplate, connect, and find solace in the simple yet profound moments of life.

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