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architecture design service

We are devoted to delivering high quality architecture to all our clients

We develop the Architectural Design of your project, applying the fundamental principles of successful architecture. Imperium elevates architectural buildings design with a unique style by adding a flair of creativity. We find solutions for your needs while minding the environment and putting safety and functionality as a priority of any project.

Our Architectural Team will guide you through diverse architectural styles to help you choose the most suitable for your project.

From the first stage of the architectural design process, we identify your spatial needs, analyze the site, and understand your expectations before developing the

design concept, including the interiors, exteriors, and detailed floor plans and elevations.

Once all designs are approved, we provide all necessary documents for construction.

During the execution, We offer project management and supervision to ensure your villa is constructed as planned.

The architectural design process is very complex, but with an experienced team like IMPERIUM, you can be sure to get your project delivered according to your expectation without worrying about details.


architecture portfolio by style

Contemporary style

Contemporary Homes reflect the style of today by rejecting straight and harsh lines in favor of more curved and clean lines. It also values nature and natural light.

Contemporary villa in Abu Dhabi

This contemporary villa features high ceilings, embellished with framing around the windows. Behind the main villa a smaller encompasses the formal majlis and dining.

Contemporary villa in Abu Dhabi

In this project we took in to consideration the importance of sun movement and how it creates and impact on the elevation design.
The heat is controlled by  creating a central void for landscapping.

Contemporary villa in Abu Dhabi

With this villa we created wide opeings to allow natural light to flood the open-plan interiors The U shape villa wraps around the central pool.

Minimal style

Minimalism architecture style refers to simple geometric forms, everyday materials, and plenty of open space. All necessary forms and elements are taken away in minimalism.

Minimalistic villa in Dubai

Minimalistic villa in Sharjah

Minimalistic villa in Sharjah

Modern style

Modernism in architecture is characterized by its emphasis on form over ornament.


Modern villa in Abu Dhabi

Modern villa in Abu Dhabi

Modern villa in Abu Dhabi

Modern villa in Abu Dhabi

Modern villa in Abu Dhabi

Neoclassic style

Neoclassic architecture is characterized by simplicity, symmetry, and grandeur, with towering columns, triangular pediments, and domed roofs.

Neoclassic villa in Abu Dhabi

Neoclassic villa in Dubai

Neoclassic villa in Abu Dhabi

our architecture design process

Architecture design process at IMPERIUM GROUP

The seven steps of a Professional Design Process

In this video our architect Aseel will guide you through the Architectural Design process, from the first meeting with us to the final design of your villa.

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