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modern-minimalist villa - sharjah

Get an overview of this modern-minimalist villa in Sharjah





25°20'29.2"N 55°36'08.6"E

Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape



This modern-minimalist villa is soon to be completed and located in the Emirate of Sharjah. The Exterior is built with high-quality heat-resistant porcelain from Italy.

The orientation of the villa overlooks the back garden, allowing natural light to flood the interiors while ensuring privacy. The bright interiors are designed with custom-made furniture which is currently being fabricated to the detail.

The Landscape integrates natural and man-made features such as lawn patches, planters, and a wide sunken seating area to welcome guests during the cooler months.

In addition, seating areas, covered with pergolas are located near the villa to avoid the heat and create cozier and more private spaces.

Modern-Minimalist Site Visit Video in Sharjah

In this video, Eng. Gehad Amin explains how IMPERIUM GROUP’s designers implemented the design plan into reality

In this video, we show the final interior fitout

3D Designs before construction and fit-out

Site photos

modern minimalist villa site clips

Glimpse on the completed landscape design

Check out the completed interior design fitout

Water features are a must for a serene landscape design

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