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interior design service

We are devoted to delivering high quality interiors to all our clients

IMPERIUM’s Interior Design Team is specialized in providing stunning and exceptional interior design services that include creative space planning, 3D rendering, detailed drawings, material selection, FF&E, and project supervision for Residential projects in the Middle East region.

IMPERIUM provides extraordinary and unique solutions to your units. Our designs consist in combining Eastern and Western cultures, Greek architectural art, Italian style, and British innovation making us one of the leading interior design companies in the UAE.

interior portfolio by style

Contemporary style

Contemporary Interiors reflect todays style. They are characterized by uncluttered spaces, flooded with light, warm tones and clean lines.


Contemporary villa in Abu Dhabi

This contemporary villa features a mixture of styles and many unique spaces, walls and accessories. It's set on two floors and each room has unique elements.

Contemporary villa in Dubai

A mix of materials, textures, lighting features and open spaces make this contemporary villa a unique space between elegant and cozy.

Modern style

Modern Interiors reflect the modern art movement, by maintaining clean lines, a wide use of metallic surfaces.

Luxury Bohemian Family Living _ IMPERIUM GROUP

Modern villa in Abu Dhabi

This villa was initially designed in classic style. Now the villa presents itself very elegantly, it's very bright thanks to the wide openings, light interiors and a bright open plan.

Luxury Modern

Modern villa in Abu Dhabi

Modern villa in Abu Dhabi

Luxury Modern villa in Dubai

Minimalistic style

Minimalistic Interior Design is very similar to Modern Interior Design and involves using the base essentials to create simple and uncluttered spaces. The core element is avoiding the unnecessary and embracing the “Less is More” concept.

Minimalistic villa in Abu Dhabi

Minimalistic villa in Dubai

Minimalistic villa in Dubai

Minimalistic villa in Abu Dhabi

Minimalistic villa in Dubai

Minimalistic villa in Dubai

Neoclassic style

Neoclassic interior design focuses on elegance and sophistication. The interiors evoke a sense of grandeur and timelessness by incorporating traditional elements drawn from Greek and Roman architecture.

Neoclassic villa in Abu Dhabi

Neoclassic villa in Dubai

Neoclassic villa in Abu Dhabi

Our Design Process

IMPERIUM GROUP UAE- Interior design process

Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Design begin with space at all. It always starts with the unique people who will use, live and enjoy the space. In fact, At IMPERIUM GROUP, we take a holistic approach so we can create a unique space that reflects the perfect intersection between your personal needs, the best design principles, and the environment.

We follow a Design Process that ensures us to keep on delivering the best solutions to our clients.

1. We start with the kick-off meeting in which we get to know our clients, their needs, desires, budget, location, and all useful information to start the project. This phase is fundamental for creating a solid ground on which to build our professional relationship and ensure the final design matches their needs.

2. Once we’ve acknowledged our client’s vision, we proceed with the first project proposal which consists of Furniture Plan and Moodboards. We use these to blend the requested design style with the functionality and use of all spaces while giving an overview of the materials which will be used in each area.

3. Immediately after all mood boards are approved, and we have a full understanding of what each room will look like, we proceed with the 3D Design creation. In this phase, our talented render experts virtually build the model of your villa and furnish it with the requested designs so you can have a complete vision of what your project will look like in reality.


4. The 2D Design stage is when all the agreed designs become technically possible. We prepare a coordinated, fully-detailed, technical construction pack for the project.

5. Preparing a Bill of Quantities requires that the design process has been completed in each detail and fully approved by the client. BOQ’s help project planners and contractors in understanding the inventory requirements associated with a project. It’s a transparent phase that describes the total number of materials needed to successfully complete a project.

6. The Fit Out stage refers to the process of making an interior space suitable for occupation. It’s when the installation of the floors, ceilings, partitions, and furnishings happens, and when the project comes to completion.


Interior Design Process

Senior interior designer Nourhan Rahhal will clear all doubts regarding the different stages of the interior design process we follow here at IMPERIUM GROUP.

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