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landscape design service

We provide the finest landscape services for all our projects

IMPERIUM’s Landscape Design Team is dedicated to providing stunning and exceptional landscape services that include Garden Concept Design, Detailed Design, 3D Visualisations, Planting Design, Outdoor Lighting Design, Outdoor Kitchen Design, Outdoor Fires, Water Features, Outdoor Styling, and Project Management.
All our solutions are highly personal and conceptualized as an extension of your internal living space. All our styles are blended with a formal sense and guided by a proper understanding of space and balance.


Our team specializes in making tailor-made, space-efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-maintain landscapes for all our clients by assisting them throughout the design process until completion.

We provide a correct and accurate plant selection, proper plantation, a detailed installation of exterior elements such as porches, decks, shading elements, and so on.

IMPERIUM Group possesses the skills, passion, resources, industry connections, and reputation to get the job done on time, on budget, and beyond expectation!

our landscape clips

Small clips collected from during the landscape design process from 3D to Completion

Landscape 3D Design

The purpose of landscape design is to set up and enhance the appeal of a building. Our designers worked around this concept to create a relaxing, comforting and harmonious outdoors where our client and their family can enjoy quality time and the beauty of a natural scene.

Landscape Design from 3D to Construction

An intelligent design plan changes and converts according to needs. In this video, we explain one of IMPERIUM GROUP’s projects in Sharjah and how to implement the design plan in reality.

Landscape Design Fitout

Sneak peak into how we brought to completion this minimalistic-modern design in Sharjah. The core of this landscape project is the central majlis which looks at a fountain water feature.

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