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Mediterranean Elegance Villa | IM23071

Where the allure of the Mediterranean style seamlessly merges with contemporary charm.

IMPERIUM GROUP/ Architecture

Scope of Work



696 sqm


2 Living Areas
1 Dining Area
1 Office
1 Home Cinema
7 Bedrooms
10 Bathrooms

The harmonious blend of clean lines, rustic charm, soothing earth tones, textured stone walls, and sleek architectural elements creates a visual masterpiece that is both inviting and enchanting.


Whether you dream of owning a Mediterranean-inspired home or simply appreciate the allure of captivating design, this modern villa's exterior is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Furniture Plan

new copy.png

The open plan's design allows the outmost interaction between interior spaces and with the outdoor. With an open plan we capture the essence of the modernism style by lifting boundaries between main spaces and minimizing separations.


Mediterranean allure meets modern charm in this villa's exterior, which reflects from the moodboard set by our client. Earth tones, textured stone walls, and sleek architecture create a captivating design.


By creating a moodboard and collecting our client's reference images, we prioritize their preferences and make sure not to miss any aspect of their vision and desires.

Architectural Design

Embracing Mediterranean Aesthetics:

The beauty of the Mediterranean style lies in its ability to evoke a sense of tranquility and timelessness. In this modern villa, the exterior design effortlessly captures the essence of this aesthetic. Clean lines provide a sleek and contemporary foundation, while rustic charm adds character and warmth.


Soothing Earth Tones:

One cannot help but be drawn to the soothing earth tones that adorn the villa's exterior. Inspired by the natural hues of the Mediterranean landscape, these colors create a harmonious and serene ambiance. From warm sandy tones to subtle shades of terracotta, the palette reflects the region's rich cultural heritage.


Stone Walls:

A defining feature of Mediterranean architecture is the use of different types of stone walls. In this villa, these walls serve as an artistic expression, adding depth and visual interest to the exterior. The stones not only exude a sense of authenticity but also create a captivating contrast against the clean surfaces of the modern features.



The landscape surrounding the modern villa is a perfect complement to its exquisite exterior design. Carefully planned and executed, the outdoor space effortlessly blends with the Mediterranean-inspired aesthetics, creating a harmonious and tranquil environment.


This project serves as a testament to the timeless beauty of Mediterranean style and the transformative power of thoughtful design. It stands as an exquisite example of how a contemporary villa can pay homage to a rich architectural tradition while embracing the demands of modern living.

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